• Public Library
    The opening ceremony of our renovated public library was led by Anna Jókai on 13 April 2013.
  • Kinderg. Museum
    The only kindergarten museum in the country gives the visitors insight into the history of Hungarian child care.
  • Százszorszép
    The folk dance group formed in 1979. Its goal is the recognition and preservance of the dance tradition in the Carpathian Basin.
  • Event Planner
    A Founded in 2011, one of the most important tasks of the Brunszvik-Beethoven Centre is the production of town and local government events.

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The Public Library opened!

Anna Jókai led the opening ceremony of our renovated public library. The Kossuth Prize winner authoress spoke about the immortality of reading and books, both elevated and humorous.

Anna Jókai greeted the citizens of Martonvásár as old friends in her speech. The authoress travels the country tirelessly and accepts many invitations from the local communities. With the help of a tender, the well-equipped public library moved to the national monument kindergarten building, and awaits its visitors with a large variety of programmes. The town mayor, Szabó Tibor greeted the visitors of the opening ceremony but with a few words to yield the floor to the sincere and informal litterateur. As usual, Anna Jókai improvised a living and hopeful speech about current topics, spiced with dark humour, thus made the nowadays not so frequent event unforgettable.
- What was once good in culture, should not be pursued under economic pressure – asked the authoress of the audience, especially the younger generations. – The library is of great value even today, particularly because newly released books are expensive and not everyone can afford purchasing them. And the main character of the library is the librarian himself, who is a bit of a psychologist also, and from understanding a few words of a visitor, he could recommend the perfect book.

She shared us the story of her accidentally walking into a peep-show that had once been a book store she visited frequently. Silent laughter followed the story, and authoress admitted, that the anecdote could also be perceived as a dramatization of the current state of the world. Beside shopping malls and banks, we cannot neglect the places of culture, because the appropriate artworks and literature provide us something to hold on to. We do not desire celebrity gossip, which we buy as a one-time travel read, instead we look for something that we can enjoy many times – the authoress proved a valid point. But writing a book is not enough, it must be delivered to the people, and not only to their hands but to their hearts also – spoke the ever so lively and dynamic Anna Jókai passionately. At the end, she wished all of us a good book that comforts us, when pain or sadness torments us, and helps us realize that: ‘My God, maybe I am not all alone!’ "Édes Istenem, talán mégsem vagyok egyedül!"
In the growing sunshine, the Csintekerintő music band entertained the audience, especially the children, who are welcome in the library every day. Zsuzsanna Pfiffer, the leader of the Brunszvik-Beethoven Event Planning Centre and Library unfolded the tale of how Martonvásár could join the mellow beauty of the national monument building to the state of the art infrastructure as creating the Public Library of Martonvásár.

Melinda Zsohár


Location/ Public Library
13 Dózsa György Street

Százszorszép Folk Dance Group: 1 Beethoven Square
Kindergarten Museum: 2 Brunszvik Street
Event Planning Office: 20 Szent László Street

Local Government of Martonvásár


Zsuzsanna Pfiffer, leader of institute and conductor
Mobile: 06 20 484 9955,
e-mail: bbkozpont@martonvasar.hu

Orsolya Konrádné Papp, librarian
Mobile: 06 22 460 039,
e-mail: konyvtar@martonvasar.hu

Mrs. László Botond Vajda, library assistant
Mobile: 06 22 460 039,
e-mail: konyvtar@martonvasar.hu

Katalin Hambalkó, attendant
Mobile: 06 22 569 518,
e-mail: ovodamuzeum@martonvasar.hu

Gergely Miklós, museologist
Mobile: 06 22 569 518,
e-mail: ovodamuzeum@martonvasar.hu

Árpád Nagy, communications specialist
Mobile: 06 20 625 0014,
e-mail: kommunikacio@martonvasar.hu

Mrs. András Tóth, administrations specialist
Mobile: 06 20 941 8319,
e-mail: martoninyar@martonvasar.hu